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France will always be one of the highest-profile business destinations in Western Europe for organisations in a wide range of sectors. That, in turn, routinely necessitates the translation of legal documents into multiple languages.

It is imperative to ensure, however, that such documents are translated absolutely accurately. Serious sums of money can be tied up in legal agreements between organisations large and small, so you must ensure all parties will understand the English and French variants of your legal documents the same way.

This helps to explain why we won’t take any risks when you request French legal translation services from our team at LingArch. Not only will we suitably protect client confidentiality, for instance, through binding non-disclosure agreements, but we also only entrust genuine native speakers with the task of actually carrying out every translation.

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The translation of French legal documents into English, or the other way round, is exceedingly sensitive and important work. Just one or two inaccurately translated clauses in a legal document could prove extremely costly to your business.

Thankfully, here at LingArch, we follow the policies that allow us to ensure unfailingly accurate translation work, each and every time.

We don’t even accept applications from non-native speakers for our translator posts, such is the importance of possessing a high level of proficiency in the given language for translation work. Indeed, we ensure our translators are experts in both the origin and target language of your legal documents, as well as the various legalities themselves.

Furthermore, we give you several possible ways for your legal document to be translated. You may, for instance, desire your next legal translation English to French to be carried out by human translators from the very start of the process.

Alternatively, you may ask us about our post edited automated translation service. This entails a machine-based algorithm quickly translating the legal text into a rough draft, which our human translators and proofreaders will then continue editing and refining, to ensure the greatest accuracy.

Whichever service you select, you can expect the same consistently flawless standards of service, complete with other options such as notarisation or an expedited turnaround process, if desired.

We won’t compromise when you place your faith in us

Such is the critical importance of accurately translated legal documents, that you simply can’t afford to ‘cut corners’ with your next legal translation to French or English.

So, we won’t do that, either. Whatever ‘extras’ you might request from us, we’ll apply the same exacting standards to our ISO-certified translation, editing and proofreading work.

We have recorded a 99% client satisfaction rate, and translate documents for individuals and organisations based around the world. You could soon become one of them, by getting in touch with us for a free and competitive quotation.

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