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There are various scenarios that could give rise to your need for legal documents precisely translated – by native, Italian-born speakers and editors – between English and Italian.  Examples of such scenarios include registering a new company in Italy, reaching out to clients in Italy or the need to resolve a dispute within Italian jurisdiction.

Italy – or, as it is more formally known, the Italian Republic – is one of the world’s most advanced economies, and is consequently a country where a high volume of business transactions takes place. If you need or seek to do business in Italy, our reliable and cost-effective translation work can help.

It’s easy to enquire to us about our Italian legal translation services. On your request, we can present you with a free, competitively-priced quote that factors in the expertise – both linguistic and legal – of our highly trained and capable translators.

Why your Italian legal documents must be accurate in their meaning

Each legal document you hand over within Italy’s jurisdiction can comprise many different terms and clauses – all of which need to be interpreted exactly as intended. Otherwise, you risk hitting a legal snag that could cost you vast amounts of money – and, in the long run, your business reputation.

Fortunately, our team includes skilled and dedicated professionals capable of translating the text of legal documents in a manner that keeps its precise meaning intact. We can drastically reduce the probability that your Italian legal papers will be interpreted differently to their English counterparts.

We can keep pace with our clients’ legal requirements

Although we offer a comprehensive range of language services across a broad spectrum of industries, we are especially valued for our services in translating legal documents between languages.

This is because, more than our clients in such sectors as finance, healthcare and marketing, the law firms in our client base are heavily involved in multijurisdictional cases. Hence, these firms’ lawyers often have requirements to translate legal documents for court or arbitration proceedings on an urgent turnaround basis.

When we are tasked with legal translation for an Italy business venture, we fall back on an ISO-certified multi-step translation process.

We provide two options for those seeking Italian legal translation from us. One is a 100% human-focused process of translation, editing and proofreading. On the other hand, we also have a tech-based machine translation service available, in case the client wishes to choose this option – for example, in case of time constraints.

While machine translation plays a major part in many translations we undertake, we also trust skilled and experienced human translators with the editing and proofreading of text.

This dedication to ensuring a successful result with our translation work helps to explain, why, at LingArch, we have attained an impressive rate of 99% in client satisfaction. We can act even at short notice, providing an initial cost estimate within just a few minutes of the client’s request.

Our team includes linguistic and legal specialists who can be reached on a 24/7/365 basis – as can prove especially convenient when you are chasing tight deadlines, to which our translators are fully accustomed.

Please contact us learn more about our services and to apply for your free quotation. We specialise in both human translation and machine translation services, including post edited machine translation, to help ensure you benefit from the legal translation service that best suits you.

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