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Japan is among the world’s most advanced economies, making the East Asian country an appealing place to strike business partnerships. This only makes it all the more vital that any legal dealings made with Japanese organisations are not undone by inaccurate translations.

If mistranslations in your Japanese legal documents do occur, the consequences can be severe, with both large and small organisations potentially losing huge sums of money between them. This is why the quality of the translation in every instance must be absolute.

When you hand us the responsibility of completing Japanese legal translation work on your company’s behalf, we will make sure we protect client confidentiality, such as by signing binding non-disclosure agreements. Furthermore, when you turn to us, we will permit only people who natively speak Japanese to carry out the legal translation work you require.

Have your legal text translated from English to Japanese – or vice versa

We know how important it is that we get every little detail right when translating our clients’ legal documents. That’s why we make sure each member of our translation team who will work on your Japanese legal translation assignment is highly proficient and experienced in the field of translation.

They will also, naturally, have expertise in English – as well as the legal matters that your documents concern. Hence, our translators can apply the level of precision necessary to ensuring that Japanese readers perceive the same meaning in your legal documents as English readers.

We offer our clients a broad choice of Japanese legal translation solutions, ranging from human translation to machine translation.

Also available is post edited automated translation, whereby we use a machine-based algorithm to roughly translate the text. Our human translators will then apply any finishing edits and tweaks the document needs in order to portray its various terms and clauses faithfully.

An alternative option at your disposal is to ask our human translators to handle all of the translation work from start to finish without any algorithm’s input. If you need the translated document particularly quickly, we offer an expedited turnaround service that, in any case, won’t compromise the quality of the translation itself.

We can give you the benefit of wide-ranging legal translation expertise

Legal documents that we can precisely translate between English and Japanese include – but are not limited to – those concerning such types of legal practices as dispute resolution, international arbitration, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and tax. Our Japanese legal translation process is also ISO-certified.

This means that at every stage from translating and editing to proofreading, the process adheres to stringent, industry-approved standards. We deem this a major factor behind our client satisfaction rate of 99%. All the same, our services remain competitively-priced – as you can determine for yourself by getting in touch with us to obtain a free quotation from our team.

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