Legal Interpeting Services

Simultaneous Interpretation Service

When time is of the essence, you need your conversation interpreted as quickly as possible, especially if you want your audience to experience the event's dialogue as it's taking place with minimal delay.

Consecutive Interpretation Service

When accuracy is required. You need interpretation that takes a little extra time (usually a sentence delay) allowing our interpreters to deliver a translation of the conversation taking place with high accuracy.

Remote Interpretation Service

If your conversation is taking place between two or more parties in different locations, we can provide live video and audio interpretation remotely to keep your conversation on track.

Why LingArch for your interpretation service requirements?

  • Our services can be provided in over 100 languages
  • We can provide interpreters all over the world
  • We can provide all the necessary equipment

Interpretation FAQs

We provide three types of interpretation services namely simultaneous, consecutive and remote interpretation.

LingArch is able to provide interpretation services in over 100+ languages.

All Interpreters used by LingArch must demonstrate the following: High proficiency/fluency in both native and non-native language. Interpreters are evaluated in the following linguistic areas: phonology, Syntax, Lexicon, Semantics and Pragmatics. Moreover, interpreters should demonstrate a strong understanding of the culture of both languages, strong understanding of industry-specific terminology and ability to interpret in a factually and conceptually accurate manner.

It depends on the nature of the assignment. If you require interpreting for one person or a small group for a short amount of time then one interpreter is enough. However, if the assignment is over four hours and/ or for a larger group or conference, multiple interpreters will be needed.

Yes, LingArch provides conferencing equipment such as headsets, soundproof booths etc.

Yes, our aim is to provide industry-specific interpreters for all the assignments. All of our interpreters are specialists in their field, have an interpreting qualification and significant experience and good references. Your Project Manager will always select the interpreter that has the experience to suit your requirements.

The essential information required to obtain a quote are dates, venue, time, duration, type of event and if the assignment requires interpretation equipment such as headsets and soundproof booth.

Yes, we are able to provide interpreters globally. While the majority of our interpreters are based domestically in the country where their specialist language is spoken, our international network allows for the possibility of working even with unusual language combinations in unexpected countries.

The sooner the better, so we can check the availability of the most suitable interpreters for your assignment. As soon as you know you’ll require interpreting we advise you to get in touch.

Our payment terms are 30 days upon the issuance of our invoice.

Interpretation Service Case Studies

The following Case Studies are brilliant examples of companies we have worked with before. Click for more informaion.