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As anyone who has ever used Google Translate or a similar language translation app will be aware, machine translation has become more and more mainstream in recent years.

However, that doesn’t mean machine translation tech should necessarily be trusted to handle the entirety of any translation work your organisation may require.

While machine translation technology continues to advance, in isolation, it is still best suited to circumstances where the client simply wishes to understand the basic information stated in a document. This means that for documents that are required for distribution purposes, human translation is the best option.

A machine translation post editing service is also available, however, and brings together the best capabilities of man and machine to deliver optimal translation and proofreading results.

How does our machine translation post editing service work?

The principle of our machine translation post editing service is that once the machine translation has produced a rough translation of your document, our human proofreaders can then scrutinise it for errors, tone, style and quality.

Arranging for a skilled human proofreader to more extensively edit the document after the initial machine translation will help to remove any inaccuracies caused by the algorithm, and improve the all-round quality of the translated text.

Our translation, editing and proofreading work is undertaken as part of an ISO certified procedure. That, in turn, allows you to expect the best-quality possible translation in good time.

We are also known, however, for our highly competitive machine translation post editing rates. We can present you with a competitive quote in minutes, so don’t wait any longer to get in touch with our innovative, knowledgeable and experienced team.

When might you enquire about our machine translation post editing service?

Machine translation, also known as automated translation, can be beneficial in various contexts.

Your business may frequently need to translate texts that are relevant to its industry, or it may lack the time and resource to be able to regularly and quickly translate and proofread large volumes of text.

These are good examples of circumstances in which it may be a good idea to ask us for our most recent post editing machine translation rates.

Don’t look further for post edited automated translation

By combining automated translation technology with the attention, diligence and capability of a highly qualified human proofreader and editor, we can ensure your translation projects are completed with both speed and impeccable accuracy.

We’re proud to maintain a team that is available on a true 24/7/365 basis for those especially time-sensitive undertakings – including on weekends. Moreover, we can offer a 99% client satisfaction rate. Request your free quote from us today.

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